Executive Summary

Our High School offers a choice of rigorous academic programmes to suit the needs of its more than one hundred and fifty students. Students can take advantage of a French and English education, and our mainstream courses can lead to the Swiss Maturity, or the French baccalaureate. Upon successful completion of their coursework, our students receive their High School Academic Diploma. Most will move into higher education, while those achieving at the highest levels will be accepted some of the finest universities in the world.

Dual Language Education

There is the possibility for students to take some classes taught in English and some classes taught in French. The provision varies slightly but in essence students take the humanities subjects (History and Geography) in English and the other in French.

Ardevaz program_structure

Age (=minimum)International School YearsEcole Ardevaz SLS College
14-1510Secondary French+Bilingual
15-1611 French+Bilingual
16-17 12
17-1813Baccalaureate + Maturite

The age is given as an indication of the probable class but is only one of the factors taken into account when a principal places the student.