Organization of the tests

1st examination of the program

At the end of the class 12

2nd examination of the program

At the end of the class 13

Tests are administered on a weekly basis for each subject. They are marked so as to give the teacher information about where the students are at a given moment and provide the students with an awareness of what they need to learn or review.

At the end of each term, previously announced exams are given. Students are told precisely what material is to be tested, usually what has been taught during the whole term. They provide a good sense of the level of ability reached by each student. The examination results are returned as quickly as possible. Each taught subject is tested thanks to a one-two hour written test. Furthermore, teachers also give 15-minute oral tests to assess the students’ level of spoken comprehension and speaking ability.

Aside from testing, these tests actually provide useful review and practice, which is likely to lead to better results in the official examinations.