Our Professors

professorsThe quality of our teaching is of the most importance to us. Our professors are committed to helping you succeed. They believe in you and we believe in them to reach that goal. Our teaching staff is highly qualified. Each professor is specialized in his/her subject. Most of them have been with us for more than ten years.

Your professors teach in their mother tongue. They do feel involved in the their students’ progress. Thanks to their dedication and professionalism they can swiftly identify the gaps in your knowledge. Thanks to their enthusiasm and commitment they will encourage you to get involved and take an active part in class discussions.

Our teaching methods will meet your needs. To make sure our courses are motivating and challenging, we have decided to have a different professor for each subject. Furthermore, we make it a point to rarely schedule two consecutive hours with the same professor so as to avoid weariness.

What do we mean by tailored teaching?

Small classes to allow for:

  • Immediate individual coaching
  • Interactive classes
  • Ongoing communication between the professor and the students
  • Ongoing assessment and tailoring of our teaching methods
  • Quick progress